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Relevant understanding of the knowledge of Raymond mill media-Raymond mill sales

2020-08-04 11:42:27

The loading system of Raymond mill media is a prerequisite for achieving good grinding indicators. Therefore, attention has been paid to exploring experience on site, so as to summarize the most suitable media loading system.

(1) The shape and material of the medium. Recently, the production of small spherical and rod-shaped grinding media is mostly used. The rolling performance of the sphere is better, so the house and mine effect is high, but the sphere is in point contact when it collides. Compared with the long round rod, the crushing ability is stronger, and the uniformity of the product particle size is poor. When the grinding product is coarse, the ground material is brittle, and the particle size is required to be uniform, it is better to use bar meat.


The choice of media material should always consider factors such as the specific gravity, hardness, wear resistance, low price and difficulty of processing and manufacturing of the media. Our country has used feeding balls and iron balls for a long time. The specific gravity of the steel ball, the external impact force and the grinding force are large, so the grinding effect is higher than that of the cast iron ball. However, the processing of steel balls is more magnificent, and the price is 40-50 higher than that of cast iron balls. The specific gravity and abrasion resistance of cast iron balls are worse than steel balls, and the strength is low and easy to be fat and crack; after the damage, they are often not spherical, so the proportion of residual balls is more than that of steel balls, and the grinding ball holder is larger. The cast iron ball Tushan is characterized by its low price and easy on-site manufacturing, which is very suitable for small and small concentrators. In the production of large balls, steel is mostly used, while small balls are mostly cast iron. The former is mostly used for coarse grinding or two-stage grinding in the first stage of grinding, and then used for fine weaving into two-stage grinding in the second stage of grinding.


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