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Squeezing and crushing technology of pulverizer-Raymond Mill Sales

2020-08-04 11:35:15

Pulverizers have always been the main grinding equipment in industrial production. Pulverizers have the following characteristics:

(1) The pulverizer exerts force on the grinding medium. Make it move. Then force is applied to the material through the grinding medium to crush the material. In this process, the grinding medium is used as an intermediary instead of the grinder to directly exert force on the material. In this case, regardless of whether the grinding medium uses the energy obtained for pulverization, the ball mill always consumes energy to move the grinding medium, and most of the energy is consumed by the collision of the grinding medium.


(2) Impose an impact on the material. Brittle materials have no toughness and have poor impact resistance and are easy to crush under the impact of impact. It stands to reason that it is advantageous to crush it with impact. However, the magnitude of the impact cannot be controlled. Although in general, adjusting the average size of the grinding media can adjust the impact force. However, the impact force cannot be adjusted according to the actual needs of each impact, and the impact force cannot be appropriately adjusted. Excessive impact force will certainly cause waste; too small impact force will also cause waste due to ineffective application.

(3) The deformation energy accumulated in the material is rapidly released due to the crushing of the particles and cannot be recovered.

(4) The rapid release of deformation energy causes particle debris and fragments to splash, and noise is also generated. This loss of kinetic energy and sound energy can be as high as 45% of the total energy input.

For these reasons. The efficiency of the ball mill is very low and wastes a lot of energy. The material layer extrusion crushing technology developed in modern times can avoid the above shortcomings, provide a more reasonable crushing environment, and perform crushing with higher efficiency.

The main point of the material layer squeezing and crushing technology, or inter-granular squeezing and crushing technology, is that static pressure is directly applied to the material, and the pressure is as high as 140-180MPa, and the material is crushed in the dense layer by extrusion.

When the material layer is squeezed and crushed, since the force is directly applied to the material, there is no need to use the grinding medium as the medium, so there is no intermediate loss. The force applied can be controlled. The application of squeezing force is very effective. Through the mutual contact of the particles, the pressure is transmitted to the entire material layer, which can ensure the fragmentation of the material or produce enough cracks to create conditions for further processing. Since static pressure is applied and crushing occurs in the dense material layer, the strain energy is released slowly during crushing and can be accumulated in the material layer through the displacement, interstitial and orientation between particles. When the material is broken, the fragments and crumbs cannot splash, and the kinetic energy is absorbed in the material layer and can be converted into pressure energy. It also reduces the loss of sound energy. Therefore, the material layer extrusion crushing technology is an energy-saving crushing technology."


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