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What are the improvements of superfine Raymond mill compared with ordinary Raymond mill-Raymond machine sales

2020-08-04 11:30:53

The superfine Raymond mill is also called the superfine Raymond mill. The name of the superfine Raymond mill is relative to the ordinary Raymond mill. It mainly produces ultrafine powder. Compared with ordinary Raymond mills, the fineness is improved a lot. The ultra-fine and ultra-fine Raymond mills are technically improved on the basis of traditional mills. It is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving milling equipment. It is an R-type pendulum type. What are the improvements of ultra-fine grinding mills compared with ordinary Raymond mills?


First of all, the main difference between superfine Raymond mill and ordinary Raymond mill is that the principle of powder selection is different. Ordinary Raymond mill powder is selected by circulating air. The material is smashed and shoveled up by a shovel. Then the powder is lifted into the air, blown by a blower to the cyclone separator, and the powder is fined by a disc classifying wheel. Degree extension. The ultra-fine Raymond mill is operated under full negative pressure. The material is also crushed and shoveled up by a shovel. Then the powder is lifted into the air through a high-pressure induced draft fan to induce a cage-type classification wheel for accurate classification. Ultra-fine Raymond mill mainly processes powders with a fineness of 400-3500 mesh, and is widely used in silicon carbide powder processing, kaolin Raymond mill processing, and carbon black powder processing. The ordinary Raymond mill mainly processes powder with a fineness of 40-600 mesh, which is a general-purpose equipment. The processed materials mainly include limestone, fly ash, coal, etc., and there are hundreds of types.

The second is the working process of ultra-fine grinding: first the feeder is sent to the inside of the mill, and the grinding is carried out under the action of its internal grinding device. The material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is crushed, and the qualified material passes through the lower part. The wind in the channel flows upward, and the finished product is sorted by the analyzer. Here, the material of 400 mesh is used as the standard, that is, the material of 400 mesh and above passes. The following falls into the mill for grinding again, and there is a shovel at the bottom. The knife shovels the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring for powder making to achieve sufficient grinding of the material. Qualified materials enter the powder collector through the pipeline after the analyzer, and the appropriate powder collector mobile phone according to the demand, and the inappropriate dust is collected to the dust collector. This new type of ultra-fine grinding device adopts a negative pressure system, which is simply lower than atmospheric pressure, that is, the internal pressure of the mill is less than the external atmospheric pressure. Some users worry about whether there will be material powder coming out of the feed port of the mill. This generally does not happen. Unless the entire system of the mill is not tightly closed, causing the negative pressure of the ultra-fine grinding to be converted to a positive pressure system, the phenomenon of powder spraying will occur, so the user must check whether the mill is closed when using it.


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