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Raymond mill solution for blocked air ducts

2020-08-04 11:22:36

The harder the material, the more difficult it is to produce, and the more serious the wear on the equipment and parts, the slower the follow-up production speed of the Raymond mill. Of course, the production capacity of the Raymond mill is smaller. Therefore, the Mohs hardness range of the material is clearly specified in the production design and material grinding of the Raymond mill to carry out rational processing and grinding. Raymond mill is sold. In the use of Raymond mill, if the discharge pipe is not smooth or the material is blocked too fast, the tuyere of the mill will be blocked. If it is not properly matched with the conveying equipment, it will cause the discharge pipe to weaken or be blocked without wind.


For the faults that occur during the machine production process, we must carefully screen them. After the faults are found, we should first clear the conveying port, change the mismatched conveying equipment, and then adjust the feed volume of the Raymond mill to make the equipment operate normally. Of course, after long-term use, the internal garbage should be cleaned regularly, and the wear of the equipment parts should be checked regularly. If there is serious wear, you should immediately stop and replace the worn parts to avoid greater damage to the equipment.

Customers also need to prepare Raymond mill accessories to avoid delaying the running time of the equipment when it needs to be replaced. And the applicable range of minerals is wide. Some customers believe that the finer the material, the easier it is to grind, and the more production capacity it can increase.


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