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Reasons for low powder extraction rate

2020-08-04 11:21:41

Raymond machine is a relatively common grinding equipment, which is used in the grinding and processing of mineral materials in the chemical, building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries, and has made great contributions to this. Raymond mills are welcomed by the market because of their wide variety, large selection, complete functions and environmental protection. The price of Raymond machine, as a large-scale mechanical equipment, once used for a long time, it is prone to various problems, such as low powder extraction rate.

In the production process of milling, the powder extraction rate of Raymond milling equipment directly affects the production efficiency of the equipment. In other words, once the powder extraction rate of Raymond milling equipment is reduced, it will directly lead to a reduction in production efficiency, thereby affecting the profitability of users. Therefore, if such a problem occurs, we must check the cause and solve it in time to ensure the normal working efficiency of the Raymond mill.


First of all, in the grinding production of Raymond mill, once the power is insufficient or the transmission belt is loose or worn, it is easy to cause the spindle speed to be unstable and even slow down. If it is not found in time, It will slow down the grinding speed of the material, resulting in a decrease in the powder yield of the Raymond machine.

Secondly, the accessories of the Raymond mill also play a very important role in its operation. If the accessories of the Raymond machine are worn out, it will also affect the powder extraction rate of the equipment. For example, the fragile parts such as the blade and grinding roller of Raymond Grinding, if their wear is more serious, they will shovel up the material, and the grinding roller will not have a good grinding effect, so powder will appear. Low rate.

Furthermore, the powder locker of Raymond Mill will also affect the powder extraction rate. If the powder locker is not adjusted to the correct position, there will be lax sealing and powder suction, which greatly reduces the powder extraction rate of the Raymond mill.

Based on the above, the reasons for the reduction of the powder yield of Raymond machines are not only related to the equipment itself, but also related to daily operations and materials. Therefore, when using Raymond machines, we must adopt the correct operation method and select suitable In this way, the performance of the Raymond machine can be better displayed.


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