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What are the effects of the unstable voltage of the Raymond mill?

2020-08-04 11:18:33

As we all know, Raymond milling equipment is a very important mechanical equipment in the field of powder processing. This equipment has gained the favor of the majority of users because of its high-efficiency working ability, strong production performance, wide application range and other advantages. However, as a mechanical equipment, Raymond Mill may have various failures in daily work, such as unstable voltage. So what impact will the unstable voltage have on Raymond milling equipment? Today, I will give you a brief explanation on this issue.


As a large-scale mechanical equipment, Raymond pulverizer mainly relies on constant voltage to drive the grinding roller to continuously rotate, and squeeze the grinding ring many times to achieve the purpose of grinding materials. However, the voltage is often unstable due to the excessive work load of the equipment, poor contact of the power supply wire, unstable output power, and excessive zero line resistance of the power supply, and the unstable voltage of the equipment will cause many problems.

First of all, the voltage of the Raymond milling equipment is unstable, which will cause the wind pressure of the blower device to be large and sometimes small, resulting in unstable air pressure in the mill. When the voltage becomes smaller, the wind pressure in the mill chamber will also become smaller. In this case, the ground material will not be easily sent to the analyzer, which will cause a large amount of material to accumulate in the mill chamber, which will block the ventilation duct.

Secondly, the constant voltage of the Raymond mill can make the grinding ring speed of the equipment uniform and stable, and the grinding pressure on the material is also constant, so that the final particle size of the material after the equipment is uniform. However, if the voltage of the equipment is high and sometimes small, it will affect the particle size of the finished product, which will cause the particle size of the finished product of the equipment to be different, which will not meet the requirements of engineering production and cause rework.

In short, the unstable voltage of the equipment will bring a lot of trouble to its work. Therefore, if you encounter unstable voltage conditions, you must carefully investigate whether it is the cause of the circuit or the cause of the equipment, and solve it in time, so that the equipment can maintain stable operation. In addition, you can also use some voltage regulators to adjust the voltage to ensure stable and safe production.


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