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Our common fault solutions for new Raymond machines

2020-08-04 10:40:43

No matter what, his lifespan is limited, especially for an item, it is inevitable that various conditions will appear in the process of use, and the key to the problem is how to deal with these conditions. As a large-scale ore grinding equipment, the pulverizer will inevitably fail due to its special function. So Yuhong is here to tell you how to solve these problems in the milling machine:

The general conditions of the mill are:

1. No powder (no powder or less powder under normal circumstances);

2. The powder is too coarse or too fine;

3. The host machine shuts down frequently, and the machine temperature is too high;

4. The host is loud and vibrates; the blower vibrates;

5. The reducer and analysis machine are heated;

6. The grinding shaft device feeds powder, etc.


Most of the above faults are closely related to the daily maintenance of the mill. Yuhong Heavy Industry here reminds you to pay attention to the daily maintenance measures when using the mill. Let me put forward some small suggestions for you with the maintenance knowledge:

1. First of all, we check whether the powder outlet valve and the air lock device are stuck or normally open, whether the valve blocking the pipeline leakage and the air check valve is open. Check whether the grinding roller device is stuck. Change the height of the pipe and increase the angle at the elbow.

2. Next, adjust the rotating speed and air volume of the analyzer; remove the powder accumulation in the return air box and the pipeline,

3. If the host machine stops frequently, check whether the relay is lower than the rated current of the motor;

4. When the machine vibrates obviously, stop the machine, tighten the anchor bolts, and check whether the other connections of the equipment are loose.

5. Remove the dust on the blades or replace the blades; check the viscosity of the oil and keep the oil viscosity moderate;

6. Adjust the bearing clearance, lubricate and clean it regularly before starting each time.


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