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Tips for buying Raymond machine

2020-08-04 10:39:14

When selecting equipment, everyone in Raymond machine sales wants to choose a product with high quality and low price. After all, the quality of various equipment in the industry is uneven. Today, Yuhong Heavy Industry is here to talk to you about a few elements when buying Raymond machines. I hope to help you:

1. Check the welding technology of Raymond machine's overall equipment:

The quality of a device can be preliminarily judged in terms of appearance. If a machine is not satisfactory even in appearance, then the quality problem will not be mentioned. Only on the basis of technical skill and seriousness can a good machine be made. If the appearance is so-so, then the overall device will give people a so-so. When purchasing, the first thing you see is the appearance of the product, and the second focus is on the internal quality and the materials used. The appearance is only a workmanship, look at the weld, and look at the connections of each sealed part. Whether it is neat or not, these all determine the overall quality of the Raymond mill, and the true quality of the equipment depends on the inside of the equipment. The appearance is only a preliminary review.


2. Check the internal material of Raymond machine:

Looking at the inside of the Raymond mill, the main thing is the main engine. Open the door of the mill cabin and you can directly see the main parts of the mill. First look at the air duct. The air duct is located at the lowest end of the mill cabin. The surface of the air duct is smooth and flat without cracks. Convex and concave belong to the standard. The second is the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding roller and the grinding ring are the most important wearing parts. The grinding function of the entire Raymond grinding equipment is completed by the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Therefore, the quality of the grinding roller and grinding ring is very important. Before 2008, the material of the grinding roller and grinding ring was 65Mn. This material is slightly harder than ordinary steel, and the manganese content inside is 2-3%. Wear-resistant material, but, after 2008, gradually changed to Mn13, this manganese steel, manganese content reached 10-13%, more robust and wear-resistant, several times better than 65Mn, but this material is not very good It is easy to process, too hard, and the price is relatively high. Therefore, the use of this material of grinding rollers and grinding rings will increase the production cost of Raymond mills virtually. Some small manufacturers sell Raymond mills at prices. It will continue to use the wearing parts made of 65Mn material. Therefore, when purchasing, users can distinguish the material through quality inspection. The method of distinguishing is actually very simple. Take a magnet and suck it to understand. There is no point for Mn13. Magnetic, 65Mn is magnetic and can be adsorbed. The identification of grinding roller and grinding ring is on one hand, and on the other hand, it is to look at the seal of the bearing part to see if there is oil leakage;

Looking at the overall assembly of the Raymond mill, the main thing to look at is the connection between the fan and the main engine. Whether the sealing gasket is flat and smooth. If the sealing gasket is twisted or uneven and the sealing is not good during installation, air leakage will occur. Affecting the output, through the link parts of the upper and lower parts of the Raymond mill host, it can be seen whether the host is assembled in strict accordance with the requirements. When the host is assembled, it is necessary to add a sealing cotton ring to the middle link. It cannot be damaged. After putting in the cotton ring, tighten the link screw. The cotton ring will be aligned with the flange. It cannot protrude too much or sink too much, otherwise, it will directly affect the quality of the host. The last thing to look at is that all parts of the complete set of Raymond mill equipment should be carefully inspected for damage and unqualified parts. Generally speaking, Raymond mills produced by regular manufacturers will have one in terms of workmanship and material selection. The whole set of testing methods will be produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard, so that the mills produced by the manufacturers can be bought with confidence. In addition, these manufacturers have done a relatively complete after-sales and service, eliminating the user's worries.

Through the above several kinds of shopping experience, when customers buy Raymond mills, they will roughly distinguish the quality of Raymond mills from good or bad, and purchase the Raymond mill products they are satisfied with.


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