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Process characteristics of the new Raymond machine

2020-08-04 10:38:08

Based on the superfine powder equipment processing technology that the new Raymond machine has mastered over the years, people have carried out a comprehensive and thorough technical innovation on the above problems. When using the traditional Raymond mill, it was discovered that when the Raymond mill is processing calcite-type ore powder, the 325 mesh ore powder contains a large amount of 10um ultra-fine ore powder. If it can be separated and the output can be expanded, the efficiency will be greatly improved. For this reason, a large number of renovations have been made to the Raymond mill structure:

The traditional method of the main engine has been improved, and the main shaft and the plum blossom frame have been modified in favor of stability to make it run smoothly.


There is no swing in the center. The traditional part of the analyzer is changed from the drag type inside the cavity to the two isolation inside the cavity of the external suspension drive, thereby enhancing the stability and durability of its work. In the crushing zone, the materials to be ground are always gathered in the grinding and crushing zone for effective processing, which improves the grinding efficiency. We have also updated the structure of the grinding roller so that the grinding wheel and the grinding roller shaft can complement each other. It can also revolve while rotating. Make it more effective and durable. And can work under greater grinding force and higher operating speed. In the ventilation part, the air box and air duct are changed from the original horizontal bottom to 30 degrees to the center to form a bucket shape to ensure that the air box and air duct are always unblocked and unblocked, so that the air volume is always maintained as required, and the main machine is at high efficiency. In the design of the whole system, the traditional two-level collection is changed to four-level collection. The first- and second-stage collection is collected by circulating negative pressure and no dust overflows. The third and fourth-stage collection adopts controllable overflow dry and wet series collection to prevent dust overflow. While the entire system collects superfine powder, it eliminates or reduces pollution to the surrounding environment.

The above new Raymond mill can be used for ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic minerals such as calcite, dolomite, talc, old soil, barite, rutile, fluorite, etc. After practical tests, the calcite with a feed size of 25mm is selected for grinding. When the fineness is adjusted to 1250 mesh (10um), the output can reach 450kg/h, and the input power only needs 23kw. It has significantly better than the traditional Raymond mill High cost performance.


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