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Calcite processed by ultra-fine new milling machine is widely used in all walks of life

2020-08-04 10:35:49

New Raymond machine China is one of the countries rich in calcite ore resources. Its calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. The powdered material after calcite is processed and ground by an ultrafine grinding machine is heavy calcium carbonate. Wide range of uses and high profits. Heavy calcium powder is used in artificial stone, artificial floor tiles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, coatings, plastics, composite new calcium plastics, cables, papermaking, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, medicine, paint, ink, cables , Power insulation, food, textiles, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, building materials, linoleum construction supplies, fire-proof ceilings and daily chemical products as fillers.


The use of heavy calcium carbonate is so extensive, so the rational use of heavy calcium powder is an important part of the process of mining calcite. The ultra-fine mill can process raw materials to micron or even nanometer fineness, which has been widely used in all walks of life. The application, especially the development of heavy calcium carbonate, the fineness of the grinding material can be adjusted between 30-3250 mesh, and the output is also adjustable at will.

Ultra-high-fine calcite ultra-fine Raymond mills mainly process powders with a fineness of 400-3500 mesh, and are widely used in the processing of silicon carbide powder, kaolin powder grinding, and carbon black powder processing. The ordinary calcite ultra-fine Raymond mill mainly processes powder with a fineness of 40-600 mesh. It is a general-purpose equipment. The processed materials mainly include limestone, fly ash, coal, etc., and there are hundreds of types. The dust removal method of the ultra-fine calcite ultra-fine Raymond mill adopts the high air volume pulse back-blowing technology, adopts the external filter type, and needs to be equipped with an air compressor. Ordinary calcite ultra-fine Raymond mill adopts a simple method of bagging.


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