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Song Likai, manager of Dazhuang Humen Leimeng Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd., together with all the staff, sincerely thanked all the friends who have cared, supported and helped the development of the company over the years. Dashiqiao Huzhuang Leimeng Machinery Foundry is a professional production unit that produces mining equipment and R-type pendulum mill. The site is 10 kilometers north of Dashiqiao City, Magnesium, China, and 100 meters away from the water station. It is the only way to Harbin to Dalian. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.

The company's main products: full supporting 4R, 5R, pendulum mill, GZF electromagnetic vibrating feeder, PE jaw crusher, bag collecting dust collector, and distribution cabinet, iron removal equipment. This equipment is suitable for grinding chemical industry such as glass, rubber, pesticide, enamel, phosphate fertilizer, papermaking, etc. It is also suitable for non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%. Such as: calcite, barite, limestone, marble, manganese ore, iron ore, chrome ore, feldspar, quartz, clay, high chromium soil, bentonite, coal powder and so on.

  • Superb production process
    Superb production process

    Manufacturer production, direct supply, energy efficient

  • A good after-sales service
    A good after-sales service

    Professional technical team, good at solving customer after-sales problems

  • Strong technical force
    Strong technical force

    Production planning process management, strict control, excellent quality

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